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Impression Bridal #2909 Wedding Dress

Impression Bridal #2909 Wedding Dress



Impression Bridal #2909 Wedding Dress

Street Size: Other / Label Size: Other
New with tags

This gown is brand new with tags. It comes in sizes 2-30. Please e-mail me for the measurements. This gown comes in colors.... White Diamond White If you want to purchase this beautiful gown, or have questions. Please e-mail me at Thanks for looking, have a happy day! Marcie Svare RMalways Bridal Shoppe Neckline: Strapless Silhouette: A-line Height With Heels: other

Item #: 51135

Type: Wedding Dresses

Style Tags: #2909

Condition: New with tags

Fabric: Other

Color: Other

Street Size: Other

Label Size: Other

Brand: Impression Bridal

Year Purchased: 2009

This item is final sale

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