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Vintage Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Decorations



Vintage Wedding Decorations

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Note: Due to the nature of these decorations, shipping is not possible. Pick-up will need to be in the Indianapolis, Evansville, or Bloomington, Indiana areas. We have a lot of wedding decorations for sale from our May wedding. All the arrangements were hand crafted. Vases are white milk glass or crystal/glass. CENTERPIECES The majority of the flowers are real-touch flowers in the colors of ivory, yellow, orange, and fuchsia. Brooches, pearls, chandelier crystals, and crystal sets are added to the majority of the centerpieces. CHURCH DECORATIONS We also have the decorations from the church. These include the decorations we used on the alter, back doors of church, a ball we hung from the entrance, and 17 cones that hung on the pews. MISC We have two bridesmaid bouquets, 4 groomsmen boutonnieres, and 3 ivory corsages. We have 3 ivory bridesmaid heels for sale in the sizes of 7, 7.5, and 10. Please see prices below. We would love to sell the majority to one buyer (as everything matches)! 2 Large cones with flowers(used for the back doors of chuch) =$75 each 1 large cone on stand (used in the front of the alter) = $125 Ball (hung outside the main entrance of church) = $75 2 arrangements for main alter = $85 each Large arrangement in green vase with chandelier crystals = $100 Ivory lanterns (used at reception) decorated with yellow butterflies and chandelier crystals (12 total) = $120 Small plain ivory lanterns = $15 4 yellow boutonnieres = $25 3 ivory corsages = $30 2 bridesmaids bouquets with brooches = $80 each Cones (made with decorative wallpaper) hung on church pews (17) = $400 Box full of silk yellow peonies = $25 Peony and ivy arrangement = $50 Milk glass vases (9 large) = $8 each Milk glass vases (16 medium) = $5 each Yellow peony arrangements in white milk glass (used for shower decorations- 8 arrangements) = $125 Stem vases in milk glass (14 vases)= $35 Wooden holder for reception escort cards = $50 Bird cage centerpieces- price to be determined Reception centerpieces - price to be determined Please e-mail me for more photos or information!

Item #: 252358

Type: Wedding Decorations

Brand: Other

Color: yellow, ivory, pink

Condition: Like new

Year Purchased: 2012

This item is final sale

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