Sage Green And Apple Green Organza Overlay Tablecl

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I am selling 15 apple green and 15 sage green round organza table overlays. They are 90" round. We used the sage green overlays at our wedding and all are in great condition. The apple green have never been used and are still in the packaging.

We used them over a pale yellow tablecloth and they were really beautiful

If you purchase the sage green overlays, I'll throw in a smaller overlay that we used for our sweetheart table.

I bought them for $5.89 each.So this is a great chance to save some money!

Style: Other

Gently used

Note: This item has visible signs of wear


Item #: 83559

Type: Wedding Decorations

Color: Green

Brand: Other

Year Purchased: 2011


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Each set sold together. Sorry- I can not break up the set. Local pick-up available in Denver or mountain areas. Please pay with PayPal. No returns/exchanges.
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