Ribbon "curtain" Backdrop

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This listing is for a ribbon curtain that I had custom constructed for my ceremony backdrop at the "altar". The curtain consists of yards of ribbon tied to heavy duty wired twine creating a 10 ft section of ribbon backdrop. Colors are shades of peach, pink, gray, coral, blue, and purple (see pics). Depending on how long you need the ties to be, the ribbons may need to be re-strung since we had to cut it off the trees. The ribbon is in excellent condition, however the ends were staked to the ground with thin pieces of wire to hold in place from the wind.  The holes are visible, but not likely noticeable when hanging and in use-- certainly not detectable in photographs. In addition, some of the ribbon ends are slightly dirty from being staked to the ground where the ribbon "puddles" on the ground.  Since the ribbon streamers are so long, the ends can either be cut completely off if you want the ribbons to just touch the ground, or you can leave it as is if you want the ribbons to puddle or be staked to the ground.  This backdrop would also be great as a photo booth or cake table backdrop or use it as both! I used this in the ceremony AND atransferred it to the reception to serve as a photo booth background. . Please contact me if you have any questions!

Style: Other

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Note: This item has visible signs of wear


Item #: 65930

Type: Wedding Decorations

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Year Purchased: 2011


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