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Monkey's Fist Rope Knot Table Number Holders

Monkey's Fist Rope Knot Table Number Holders



Monkey's Fist Rope Knot Table Number Holders

Size: Other
Gently used
Item is No Longer Available

9 table number card holders. The balls are about 4 inches across out of 1/2 inch bright white cotton hard laid rope.  The rope we have made is very 'hard in hand' and the knot is self supporting even without a core. These monkey fists are hollow inside to make them able to sit on a table better. Just place on the table and press down to flatten slightly so they don't roll. Whether you use a card as shown or a pennon on a stick, they will fit perfectly in these table top decorations. (this description is from Mystic Knotwork)

I purchased these from Mystic Knotwork on Etsy. There are 9 total and I am selling them for $6 each plus shipping. I will calculate shipping based on the zip code provided, as they are fairly heavy. I paid $15 for shipping so it shouldn't be any more than that.

Style: Other

Item #: 79576

Type: Wedding Decorations

Condition: Gently used

Color: White

Brand: Other

Year Purchased: 2012

This item is final sale

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