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18 Bubble Bowl Vases

18 Bubble Bowl Vases



18 Bubble Bowl Vases

Size: Other
Gently used
% off Retail
Item is No Longer Available

18 bubble bowl vases perfect for table centerpieces or other wedding decor.


The vases are 10" Wide and 9" tall.


I will be using them for my May 19th wedding, so they will be available after that!


Shipping will vary depending on where you live, but the boxes are rather large, so plan for shipping costs!  They will be shipped in 3 boxes each weighing 17.6 pounds and measuring 31" x 21" x 10"


Item #: 66219

Type: Wedding Decorations

Condition: Gently used

Color: Clear

Brand: Other

Year Purchased: 2012

This item is final sale

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