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B2 Silver B1053 Dress

B2 Silver B1053 Dress


10 (M)

B2 Silver B1053 Dress

Street Size: 10 (M) / Label Size: 12 (L)
New with tags
Item is No Longer Available

Prefer to pay by phone?
Call Us! 310.912.7966 M-F 9am - 4pm PST.

We have 4 of these dresses. 2 with tags and 2 with out.

This dress is 100% Polyester

Color: Silver

Size:*Street sizes may very with each formal gown.

Seller's Height With Heels: Hips: Bust: Waist: Preservation Message:

Item #: 51684

Type: Bridesmaids Dresses & MOBs

Style Tags: B1053

Condition: New with tags

Color: Silver

Brand: B2

Street Size: 10 (M)

Label Size: 12 (L)

This item is final sale

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