Our Core Values

Not more, better.

One great product is better than lots of mediocre ones. That's why Louis Vuitton luggage ends up at antique auctions, and knock-offs end up in landfills. We believe that great quality is worth working for. That's why we obsess over polishing every pixel and paragraph on the site, and why we work tirelessly to ensure that you'll only find authentic designer goods on Tradesy.

You already have everything you need.

Life's a kitchen and you're the chef. All the ingredients you need are on hand, but it's up to you to make magic from those raw materials. If you have the dream and determination, you can turn a paper clip into a house. If you have the taste and tenacity, you can turn your closet into your dream wardrobe. Trust us -- we built Tradesy with nothing more than a little creativity, a lot of coffee, and a spare room that we rented to travelers to keep the lights on.

Style is substance.

Did you know that the simple act of smiling actually makes you happier? Looking good makes you feel great, and that makes a difference in everything you do. Our founder spent 3 hours taking 4 buses to her first investor meeting. But she did it in a Chanel jacket. It was that confidence that led to the creation of our company.

Power to the people.

Who controls your perception of beauty? Is it corporations and ad campaigns? Fashion magazines and TV shows? What if, instead of emptying our wallets to buy more lovely things than our neighbors, we could connect, collaborate, and celebrate each others' style? We believe that one strong, inclusive community can change your perspective. And that's beautiful.

Create customer happiness.

We believe that customer happiness is the highest standard a company can measure itself by. That's why every member of the Tradesy Team is engaged in customer service. It's why we respond to every email, and why you can reach team members on live chat or on the phone, just about any time of the day. If your Tradesy experience doesn't make you smile, let us know, because we won't rest until we make it right.

Business as a vehicle for good.

Extending the life cycle of products is good for people and the planet. Not only does it promote sustainable values by decreasing demands for new products, but it's also just plain practical. Ever heard of collaborative consumption? We kinda think it's a new economic model for the future, and that the future is now. Why let something waste away unused, when you can pass it on to someone who will enjoy it today?

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