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Chloé Wedges

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Chloe wedges blend high fashion and simplicity into a collection of leg lengthening footwear that fits in as nicely at a family reunion that they do at a summer office party. The brand creates wedges that provide women a safe amount of leg lift, perfect for the office or brunch. Chloe wedges are a necessary for spring and summer wardrobe because of their versatility and feminine look.

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Chlo Tan Wedges

Chloé Tan Lauren Espadrille Wedges

$308.00 $660.00

EU 36 (Approx. US 6)

On Sale
Chlo Brown/cork Wedges

Chloé Brown/Cork Sandals Wedges

$100.50 $350.00

US 6.5

On Sale
Chlo Chloe Platform Sandal brown Wedges

Chloé Brown Wedges

$113.78 $950.00

US 9

Chlo maroon red Wedges

Chloé Maroon Red Chloe Wedges

$146.16 $595.00

US 8.5

Chlo Wedges

Chloé Chloe Tan Leather Platform Cork Wedges

$167.27 $660.00

EU 38 (Approx. US 8)

On Sale
Chlo Navy Wedges

Chloé Navy Wedges

$94.75 $950.00

US 7.5

On Sale
Chlo Brown Wedges
Chlo white and tan Wedges

Chloé White and Tan Wedges

$178.50 $850.00

US 8.5

Chlo Chole Maryjane White Wedges

Chloé White Chole Wedges

$94.50 $395.00

EU 39 (Approx. US 9)

On Sale
Chlo Cork Leather Nude Wedges

Chloé Nude Wedges


US 11

On Sale
Chlo Camel Brown Wedges

Chloé Camel Brown Suede Gladiator Sandals Nwb Wedges

$500.25 $1,100.00

EU 40 (Approx. US 10)

Chlo Rust brown Wedges

Chloé Rust Brown Wedges

$249.37 $820.00

US 10

On Sale
Chlo Chloe Black Platform Wedges

Chloé Black Suede Leather Platform Wedges

$157.50 $850.00

EU 38.5 (Approx. US 8.5)

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