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"I made $250 selling on Tradesy in my first week! So excited - I found the cure for my overflowing closet!"
- Jenny K.

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"LOVE the site, I was doing a lot on Ebay but I am finding your site MUCH easier and it seems to appeal to a much more fashion forward crowd!"
- Danielle M.

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"Thanks for making everything so easy at Tradesy - love selling on your site!"
- Alexa R.

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List unlimited items for sale - it takes less than 60 seconds!

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You can list womens fashion from any brand, as long as it's in good condition.

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Shoot a few photos, we'll clean the backgrounds later to make them look pretty.

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We'll suggest a price (or you can pick your own), then your item goes up for sale!

How it Works

We take care of all the hassles

Tradesy makes everything easy when your items sell!
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Tradesy takes returns, so sellers don't have to worry once a sale is complete.

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Earn up to 50% more cash

List for free, set your own prices, and keep 91% when you sell. Tradesy takes a low 9% commission.
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Earn More Cash


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Earn More Cash


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