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Hermès Cashmere Scarves & Shawls

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Hermès Huge cashmere blanket Shawl - category img
On Sale
Hermès Hermes Metalleries Throw Blanket - category img

Hermès Red and Grey Metalleries Throw Blanket Scarf/Wrap

$1,558.75 $1,975.00

53"L x 0.3"W x 65"H

On Sale
Hermès Hermes Cashmere Giant Scarf - category img

Hermès Grey Cashmere Giant Scarf/Wrap

$698.24 $1,075.00

90"L x 40"W x 2"H

On Sale
Hermès Hermes Pink cashmere and silk shawl - category img

Hermès Pink Cashmere and Silk Shawl Scarf/Wrap


81.81"L x 28.34"W x 0.1"H

On Sale
Hermes Hermes 100% cashmere baby pink shawl - category img

Hermès Hermès Baby Pink Cashmere Shawl Scarf/Wrap

$1,082.00 $2,000.00

58.27"L x 81.89"W x 0.1"H

On Sale
Hermès Hermes Silk and Cashmere Scarf / Wrap (Yellow and Green) - category img