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I do like working with Tradesy as a seller. I have always found the customer service supportive and helpful.

Patricia Bartok over 2 months ago

Great selection, easy to use filters to narrow down my choices, good prices, fast delivery and good packaging.

debra h. over 2 months ago

Had a good experience from navigating site through delivery of purchase

Susan K. over 2 months ago

Great selection. Easy returns and easy to use Tradesy credit

Rebecca N. over 2 months ago

I love Tradsey!

Stacey L. over 2 months ago

Tradesy has many options even for a single model. Quick and easy transaction.

Kate Y. over 2 months ago

I absolutely love TRADESY. I’ve bought 2 LV purses, LV wallet, Chanel sunglasses, Gucci purse, Gucci sneakers, and Golden Goose sneakers. I love them all. I also love that TRADESY also allows you to return items if not satisfied or if items do not fit properly. I have done this also, and it’s quite reassuring when you are buying high end items. I do wish I could get a full refund, instead of a credit. I have already recommended this site to many of my friends!!

Aluxgirl over 2 months ago

I love my purchase; the seller was amazing and the whole process was super quick. Thank you!

Erica over 2 months ago

Customer service is very prompt. They respond right away to any questions you might have and they will Come up with solutions making it possible to To be able to sell your item.

Florina M. over 2 months ago

Easy transaction and the seller had FANTASTIC communication!!

Michelle H. over 2 months ago

I have always dealt with great people and products with Tradesy. I had a sad experience with a buyer that did not understand the shipping procedures. I did contact Tradesy about this and they promised me they would reach out and explain the process to the buyer. Thank you for all you do.

Sherri over 2 months ago

I love to sell on Tradesy , it’s fast I guess because Tradesy usually give promotions, and after sales Tradesy will take care of return, i like that the most, i choose 9 not 10 because the fee is high :) . BTW I love Tradesy

Ericachua over 2 months ago

The process is simple and the items always arrive very quick!

Chasta S. over 2 months ago

I have bought several items from Tradesy and they’re authentic.

Furo E. over 2 months ago

I have almost always had great experiences with the sellers. Items bought were true to how they were represented.

Eithne h. over 2 months ago

Great online shopping experience, good prices

Adelina over 2 months ago

Excellent listing tool. Good resale platform for brand name, designer items.

LeeAnn B over 2 months ago

Very happy with shipping and communication with sellers.

Sara L. over 2 months ago

I always have a good experience with tradesy and believe they stand behind the authenticity of products they sell

Kemberley H. over 2 months ago

Very trustworthy company. I sell on Tradsey and I bought from Tradsey! Fabulous company! I tell everyone I know! Keep up the great work Tradsey!

Beth over 2 months ago

Have sold only a few things on Tradesy but so far, exchanges and payment have gone well.

Renee M over 3 months ago

I placed my ordered it arrived on time and as described no complaints

ummsu over 3 months ago

I’ve been very pleased with Tradesy since I created my account years ago when it first launched. I saw the creators on the NBC Today show and decided I would give it a shot. Tradesy makes it very easy to use their platform. I always recommend to friends.

Sandra F over 3 months ago

Great site - love the choices.

Michele Q. over 3 months ago
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