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Fair and Simple Returns

Have an item you’d like to return? Return Instructions

Return Policy for Buyers

Return any non-wedding item for any reason and you’ll get site credit. If your item didn’t arrive as described, we’ll give you a full refund. Applies to US purchases only*.

*International buyers: Learn more about international purchasing on Tradesy

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Submit a return

Make your request within 4 days of delivery

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Ship for free

Pack and ship the item with our free label

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Get site credit

Shop for something that makes you happy

We carefully review every buyer claim for misrepresented items, and if your Tradesy seller didn’t send the item as described, you get your money back.

Return Process

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Submit a return

Return any non-wedding item you’ve purchased on Tradesy, Inc. (“Tradesy”) from Your Purchases within 4 days of delivery, and you’ll receive Tradesy site credit unless the item is marked Final Sale. You’re only eligible for a full refund if the item you received was not sold as described or is inauthentic. Final Sale items are not returnable.

If for some reason you are not able to submit your return online, please contact our Member Care team at or 310-912-7966.

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Print a free shipping label and ship the item to us

After submitting a return, you’ll be emailed a free return shipping label. Pack the item using your own materials and ship it to Tradesy within ten days of submission. You are responsible for returning the item in the same condition you received it; an item is not eligible for return if you’ve worn or used it. As soon as we receive your return we’ll issue you site credit in the full amount of your purchase, which you can use on Tradesy to get something that makes you happy.

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We review your return

Our team in sunny Southern California carefully reviews every return by hand. If you’ve opened a misrepresentation claim, we’ll evaluate for authenticity and compare the condition of the item you returned with the seller’s listing to determine if the return qualifies for a refund. We may contact you for more information to make our assessment. If we don’t hear from you in a timely manner your claim may be rejected or a site credit will be issued.

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We make a decision

We’ll contact you once your return is processed. You can review your site credit or refund balance in your Tradesy Account. The decision to issue a refund is made at the sole discretion of Tradesy, based on the guidelines listed in step 1, above.

Additional Considerations

International purchases

You can return non-wedding items for any reason within 4 days of delivery for Tradesy site credit from Your Purchases. Wedding items can only be returned if they are misrepresented (e.g. damage not disclosed in the listing).

International buyers are responsible for return shipping fees. Site credit does not include international shipping, duties, and taxes paid.

Learn more about international purchasing on Tradesy

Wedding returns

All purchases in wedding categories are final sale. Returns in weddings categories are only processed by Tradesy if the item purchased was not as described or is inauthentic. If you need to request a return, make your request within 4 days of delivery. Tradesy does not accept fit or style returns on wedding items.

Restricted items

Tradesy limits the sale of swimwear to items that are new-with-tags. The sale of any item outside of our available categories is prohibited, including intimates and men’s clothing, and is not covered by our Return Policy.

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Affirm financing

When you order through Affirm you are still covered under our return policy. If you receive a full refund, your agreement with Affirm is voided and you are not obligated to continue paying for the purchase through Affirm. If your return is processed as a site credit, you are still required to complete your payment plan with Affirm.

Final Sale

Tradesy may offer special promotions when further reduced priced items are marked Final Sale. Final Sale items are not returnable and are not covered by our Return Policy.

Return Policy for Sellers

We take returns so you don’t have to

Keep your earnings

If the buyer doesn’t like the item

Give back your earnings

If the item is different than described

As a seller on Tradesy, you’re not responsible for accepting returns nor issuing refunds to buyers. If we verify the item was not sold as described or is prohibited from sale, we will send the item back to you and charge back the earnings you received in order to refund the buyer. Fair and simple.

Listing accuracy

As a Tradesy seller, you agree to our Terms of Use and certify that any item you list for sale on the site is accurately described in its condition, description and photographs. When a buyer submits a return and claims the item was misrepresented, our team carefully reviews the item’s authenticity and compares the buyer’s claims with your listing and history on Tradesy. While rare, we take these situations very seriously and seek a fair resolution that protects the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Zero-tolerance fraud policy

Any seller who has misrepresented an item on Tradesy, determined at our discretion, may have their access to the site disabled and will be liable for the full amount earned on offending items sold. We may extract funds available from your Tradesy account balance or charge any payout source you have established with us. In extreme circumstances, there may be additional fines, fees, and/or legal action under the law of the State of California.

Wedding items

All purchases made in wedding categories are final sale. Returns are not processed or guaranteed by Tradesy unless the item is misrepresented, not as described or inauthentic.