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Dana Buchman Trench Coat

Dana Buchman Trench Coat


8 (M)

Dana Buchman Trench Coat

Size: 8 (M)
Gently used
65% off Retail
Item is No Longer Available

Designer Dana Buchman bronze belted trench coat in size medium is very gently used and in excellent condition. This coat exudes refinement and has details too numerous to mention such as as hooks at neck to wear collar closed, beautifully signed lining and so many more. This coat also has a warm detachable lining that makes it perfect year round and great for travel. This coat can be a workhorse in your wardrobe and you can wear it over most anything and instantly make a fashion statement. Orig. $

Item #: 349316

Type: Coats

Style: Trench Coats

Brand: Dana Buchman

Color: Bronze

Size: 8 (M)

Condition: Gently used

Returns: This item is returnable. You may return it to Tradesy for a full refund or store credit. See Tradesy's Return Policy for details.

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