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How Tradesy Works

Sell what you own and buy what you want. Tradesy makes resale fast, simple and stylish - for buyers and sellers.

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1. List in under 60 seconds

Sell anything from your closet - provided it's in good condition - anytime, anywhere.

2. Earn top dollar

We only sell authentic, designer fashion, so you'll get the best price for what you list.

3. Get help from real people

Contact us by email or phone. We're here for you day or night.

4. Ship without hassles

Without leaving your home. We send you a free shipping kit. We also handle returns.

Selling on Tradesy is Simple

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Sell anything from your closet

You can sell anything that's in great condition, from Zara to Louis Vuitton. We'll enhance your image to make it look stunning.

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Ship with a free kit*

When you make a sale, we'll send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit, complete with beautiful packaging. *Not available for wedding items

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Earn more on every sale

We'll deduct a 9% commission from your sale, and you'll receive prompt payment in your Tradesy account after you ship.

Top Selling Items

You can sell anything that’s in great condition, but here are some of the items that Tradesy members can’t get enough of.

More Demand

Less Demand

Top Selling Bags
Top Designer Bags

Top Selling Accessories
Top Designer Accessories

Top Selling Shoes
Top Designer Shoes

Top Selling Clothing
Top Designer Clothing

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Authenticity, guaranteed

Buying on Tradesy is Safe

Our team in sunny California personally reviews each return.

If the item is confirmed to be misrepresented, damaged or inauthentic you will be entitled to a full refund.

The Tradesy Trust Promise

Returning is Easy

Financing Available

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Get it now, pay for it later!

Split your purchase into monthly payments with Affirm.

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