What are listing tips and guidelines? Last updated Mar 19, 2020

One of the most important keys to Tradesy selling success is to carefully craft your listings: write detailed, honest descriptions under detailed, honest photos you take. For each item you sell, be sure to explain the basics along with any important particulars that make it unique. Read on to learn about what a fantastic listing looks like.


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Tips for honest and accurate listings

Designer: If you're unsure of the spelling, start typing and we'll give some suggestions to help.

If we haven't yet added the designer to our ever-expanding list, this answer will show as "Other" on the published listing. Never fear - you have plenty of places to add the name in the Style name/Title and Description, so your listing can be found by anyone typing that name into our Search bar on either the app or web.

Size or Dimensions: Be sure to enter exact numbers and no special characters.

The more info, the better: head further in the listing process to the Description to share any additional, helpful measurements - and avoid vague or subjective comments. For example, write "29 inch inseam" instead of "hits right above the ankle". Note: Tape measures are an affordable investment! 

Color: Focus on simple, basic colors here. For example, write "blue" instead of "pale sky blue". This ensures your listing is found under one of the major color categories.

If you can, be sure to also add the official brand color name/phrase, as listed on either the tag or the original retailer's website - in the Title (or Style name on the app). This way, savvy brand enthusiasts who use key words will easily find your listing.

Condition: Simply answer two yes-or-no questions, and Tradesy will put your item in the appropriate category. If your item has retail tags attached, we'll also ask for the UPC barcode. 

Description: Enter at least 100 characters to make it easier for buyers to find your item. While you don't need to compose numerous paragraphs, keep in mind that the more information you share, the less likely a buyer will be unhappy. Don't just explain the overall look, but also spell out all signs of wear. And make an effort to align your written info with your pictures, as best as you can.

Pricing: If your item has recently sold out elsewhere online, or if it's a rare one-of-a-kind piece, you can set the price a bit higher than our suggestion. Or, if you'd like to sell your item fast, you can set it lower than Market Price. To help, remember you can add the Retail Price to the listing, but this is optional in case you're unsure of the original cost. 

But if you list the original Retail Price significantly higher than the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, or if you price your item significantly higher than its current market value, Tradesy may remove your listing. 


Multiple items

We do not allow for a single listing of multiple items. Instead, each unique item must have its own listing. If you have many of the same or similar items, one way to save time is to head to your listing and scroll down past Shipping & Returns. Find "Have a similar item?" and select "Sell Another" here.

Note: This feature is not yet available on the app, so log in on a browser, instead. While you'll need to still add three new photos, the rest of the listing information will be automatically populated.

The exception to having multiple items in one listing is if you have an item's original accompanying accessories available - such as shoes that still have their branded, matching dust bag and shoebox. For these items, be sure to not only explicitly mention this in the Tradesy description, but also include at least one photo depicting all accessories. Since everything in the first photo is whitened - aside from the actual item - make accessories be the 2nd picture or later.

Pro Tip: Don't forget about your inbox, in case a potential buyer has any questions about your listing.

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