What are photo tips and guidelines? Last updated Feb 4, 2019

One of the most important keys to Tradesy selling success is to carefully craft your listings: write detailed, honest descriptions under detailed, honest photos you take. For each item you sell, be sure to post quality pictures that display both the overall look of your item as well as its close-up details. Since you're doing your own photography, your listings shouldn't include stock images, screenshots from retail, or any other copyrighted image you don't own or have permission to use. Plus, as a result of publishing only photos of the actual item, you can avoid a potential misrepresentation claim from the buyer. There's space for up to 12 photos per listing, so you have opportunities to show the interior and exterior, along with each angle and corner, hemline and tag, toe and heel. For more suggestions, read on for our full answer.


Photo tips

Most Tradesy sellers aren't professional photographers and instead take their time and do their best! Simply set your item by itself on a flat surface, and shoot it from in front or above. Tradesy will remove the background of your first image only, so try to have a relatively plain background for the remaining photos.

Pro Tip: Natural lighting is best, because cameras tend to pick up the most accurate color this way. Try to set your item near a window - but also not in direct, bright sunlight. 

Don't forget to have pictures showing the entire item as well as detailed images of certain areas. If you're using the camera on a smartphone, you may be able to tap the screen to force the lens to focus on a close-up shot.

Need help with adding photos?

While using all 12 spaces is not required, you should come as close as possible if the item has any sign of wear. All items, regardless of condition, require at least 3 different photos.

Don't forget to create an amazing description!

After you have a variety of photos, choose the best, clearest one that shows the overall look or shape, and make this the first image. (You can easily move around the order of the photos with a click of the mouse or a tap of your finger on the app). Remember, first impressions are important - a fabulous photo can attract potential buyers to click on your item to learn more!


Multiple items

We do not allow for a single listing of multiple items. Instead, each unique item must have its own listing. If you have many of the same or similar items, one way to save time is to head to your listing and scroll down past Shipping & Returns. Find "Have a similar item?" and select "Sell Another" here.

Note: This feature is not yet available on the app, so log in on a browser, instead. While you'll need to still add three new photos, the rest of the listing information will be automatically populated.

The exception to having multiple items in one listing is if you have an item's original accompanying accessories available - such as shoes that still have their branded, matching dust bag and shoebox. For these items, be sure to not only explicitly mention this in the Tradesy description, but also include at least one photo depicting all accessories. Since everything in the first photo is whitened - aside from the actual item - make accessories be the 2nd picture or later.

Pro Tip: Don't forget about your inbox, in case a potential buyer has any questions about your listing.

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