Can Tradesy sell my items for me? Last updated Feb 4, 2019

Since 2012, Tradesy has been an online, peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling women's designer fashion. Anyone in the U.S. can list under 60 seconds for free. We'll let you know when the item sells, and then you'll send to the buyer - earning top dollar after delivery. Recently, Tradesy also introduced Closet Concierge, an in-home closet curation, styling and VIP selling service - offering white glove organizing solutions. This service is currently only available in NYC, but we have big plans to expand soon!


Consign with us

Tradesy Closet Concierge is an on-demand in-home service in New York that sends professionally trained stylists into your home to either help organize and edit your wardrobe or offer personalized styling services. Learn more here.


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Sell what you own and buy what you want: Tradesy makes resale fast, simple and stylish!

Sell anything from your closet that's in great condition, and when you make a sale, ship directly to the buyer. Earn cash to either spend on the site or transfer into a personal account.

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