How do I ship and receive payment? Last updated Mar 21, 2020

For each item you list on Tradesy, you'll set the item price and pre-select one of three convenient shipping options. The cost of your chosen shipping method is then added to the item's price, so the buyer pays both your listing price and shipping at checkout. When your item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer. The order will then begin automatically updating on Tradesy once the shipping carrier scans the package - so both you and the buyer can track its progress online.

Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction. You can then transfer from your Tradesy account to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account. Or, you can easily use your earnings to purchase a new fabulous find on Tradesy.

Please note if your item is returned to you for any reason Tradesy may not reimburse any out of pocket costs. 


What happens after I ship?

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