What's my first step after my item sells? Last updated May 13, 2020

When your item sells, your first step is to confirm the sale. You have 4 days from the Order Date to confirm that you still have the item and that it's in the same condition as when you listed it. The order will be canceled if you don't, and your buyer will get a refund. To confirm, log in on the app or on a web browser and head to your Sales page.

When a buyer purchases your item on Tradesy, we'll notify you right away. Check that your email address is up-to-date here - or, enable text alerts so you never miss a sale. You can also download the Tradesy for iOS or Tradesy for Android apps to get more advanced alerts through push notifications.

To keep your sale and avoid cancellation:

  • On a browser: Click here.
  • On the iOS app: Select Me on the bottom toolbar and then Sales from the menu.
  • On the Android app: Select the "Me" icon in the top right corner and then Sales from the menu.

Once you're on your Sales page, locate this order and then choose Confirm Sale.

If you do not log in within 4 days of the Order Date to confirm, it will automatically cancel just after midnight on the fourth day. Keep in mind, if too many sales are cancelled, your listings may become deactivated.

After confirming the sale, your next steps will then appear on this page, based on what shipping method you pre selected for your item. The faster you ship, the faster you're paid.  

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