How can I put my items on sale? Last updated Jan 11, 2019

Tradesy Sales and Promotions are limited-time events that attract millions of buyers in search of great deals - and participation can help your listings sell faster by gaining more exposure to buyers. Turning this feature on and off is not yet available on the iOS or Android apps, so log in to Tradesy on a web browser and head to your Closet Settings. The setting you choose will cover all of your items, no matter what device was used to create your listings.


Your listings are not included in any sales or promotions - unless or until you log in to Tradesy on a browser and opt in from your Closet Settings page. You can opt in or opt out at any time. 

From here, you can choose the discount percentage: 10%, 15% or 20% off of your listing price. Actual discounts may be less than the amount you select, but they will never be more. While opting in does not guarantee that your items will be promoted, choosing a higher discount amount may help.

Enabling Tradesy Sales and Promotions gives us permission to lower the price of any item in your closet when a relevant event occurs and/or allows us to send buyers a one-time use promo code for your item(s) if they qualify. During sale and promotion events, featured items are promoted via email, push notifications, and more.

Opting in or out applies to your entire closet, for both sales and promotional codes. There is not a way to include or exclude specific items.  

When one of your items sells as part of a sale or promotion, you'll be notified of the discount in your sale confirmation email. Your earnings will be based on the final discounted sale price. 

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