How can I put my listings on hold? Last updated Jan 29, 2019

Vacation mode is a setting that temporarily pauses your listings, so you won't miss out on any sales while you're away and unable to ship items. This feature is not yet available on the app, so you'll need to hop on a web browser. To activate, log in to Tradesy and select your initials or profile picture on the top toolbar. From here, choose Closet Settings. Once you check Turn on Vacation Mode, you'll immediately be prompted to enter a return date within 3 months of today's date. Don't forget to click Save when you're done.


On a desktop browser, you also can turn this feature on at the top right-hand corner under START SELLING.

Meantime, all items in your closet will still show in search results, but there will be no option to purchase. Instead, at the top of each item page, viewers will see that you are on vacation until your return date. They also see an option to "Notify Me When Item Is Available". This means that Tradesy will email these potential buyers on the date you return - so you may immediately have some new messages or sales when you're back!

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