How do I get more information about an item? Last updated Oct 25, 2018

Everything on Tradesy is pre owned and has been listed for sale by an individual seller who has the item. If you have any specific questions about an item not answered in its photos or description, you can ask the seller directly. To get in touch, scroll down on the item's page and you'll see the option to ask a question. Selecting this starts a conversation thread on Tradesy between you and the seller who has listed the item - and we'll let you know when you get a reply.


Send a message

To send a message to an individual seller, log in or create a Tradesy account if you haven't already. Then, head to the specific item you're interested in to view up to 12 photos and the seller's description.

  • If you're on a web browser, look to the right and scroll down the page. Below the black ADD TO BAG button you'll see the item's CONDITION and then DESCRIPTION. Under this, you'll find Ask a Question in red.
  • If you're on our iOS or Android app, scroll down past the photos and black ADD TO BAG button. Underneath the Affirm info is the seller's name and and you can send a message or ask a question from here.

Note: For everyone's safety, all messages are monitored. Learn more here.


Read replies

We'll notify you when the seller responds, and then you can view the reply and continue the conversation as needed.

To find your Inbox:

  • On a browser: Click the envelope icon at the top.
  • On iOS: Select Me from the bottom toolbar and then Inbox from the next menu.
  • On Android: Select the Message Bubble in the top toolbar (2nd icon from the right).

If you have a new reply, you'll see a number by the Inbox to indicate how many unread messages you have. 

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