How do I create a listing? Last updated Feb 3, 2019

You can list any women's fashion item for sale on Tradesy using our website, iOS app, or Android app. When you create a listing, you'll be prompted to set your price, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown with all fees deducted before you publish. We'll then let you know when the item sells, and you'll ship directly to the buyer. Read on for navigation help with getting started on your phone or on a computer.


Heads up - by listing an item for sale on Tradesy, you're telling our community that you're in the U.S. and physically have the item, ready to ship right away to a buyer.

You also ensure that the item is authentic and doesn't fall under any restricted categories.


Get started and add photos

To start selling on a browser, select START SELLING in the top right corner or click here

To start selling on your iPhone or iPad, download Tradesy's iOS app if you haven't already. Once you open the app, select "+" on the bottom toolbar.

To start selling on your Android phone, download Tradesy's Android app if you haven't already. Once you open the app, select the "tag" icon on the top toolbar.

Once you've begun, you'll be prompted to choose your item's category, and then add at least 3 photos. Having trouble with the pictures?

Pro Tip: Learn insider tips for fantastic photos here.


Add details

You'll then be prompted to tell us about the details of your item, from condition to sizing and more. If you're on a browser, simply scroll down this page. If you're on the app, select Next in the top right corner. 

Learn more about how to accurately describe your item here.


Set your price

Next, we'll suggest a Selling Price based on other details you've shared in your listing so far. (You can skip this section on the app if you haven't finished the other sections yet, and then return to answer later).

Learn more about how to price your item here.


Choose how to ship

After pricing, you'll pre select one of three convenient ways to ship when the item sells. Learn about your shipping options here.


Review earnings 

Finally, you'll see the total the buyer will pay at checkout: Selling Price plus Shipping Method. (On a web browser, click the "+" to expand for this breakdown).

You'll also see your earnings, with both Tradesy's Commission and Safe Transfer Fee already deducted. 

Learn about Tradesy's fees and how your earnings are calculated.

Learn how you'll get paid here


Publish your listing and make a sale

If you're not quite done, you can save your listing as a draft to finish later.

If you've answered each question and everything looks good, select Publish Listing at the bottom. Your item will be live on Tradesy immediately and can be found by a variety of searches. We'll let you know when it sells!

In fact, Tradesy will alert you about all order updates and new messages - so be sure you've provided us a valid email address you regularly check or your phone number to receive texts, so you don't miss a thing.

Pro Tip: Going to be out of town, or otherwise unavailable for a while? Put your closet on hold.

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