How does selling work? Last updated Mar 20, 2020

Tradesy is a buy-and-sell marketplace for fashion, built by and for women. Millions of stylish members use Tradesy to buy and sell pre-owned bags, shoes, clothing, and more from top designers. You can sell straight from your closet and post unlimited listings quickly using the website, iOS, or Android apps. When you create a listing, you'll be prompted to set your price, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown with all fees deducted before you publish. When the item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer, and your earnings will be available after delivery to use as cash on the site - or to transfer into your bank account.


Heads up - by listing an item for sale on Tradesy, you're telling our community that you're in the U.S. and physically have the item, ready to ship right away to a buyer.

You also ensure that the item is authentic and doesn't fall under any restricted categories.


Create a listing and start adding details

It's always free to list on Tradesy! To start selling:

  • On a browser: Select START SELLING in the top right corner or click here.
  • On your iPhone or iPad: Download Tradesy's iOS app. After opening it, select "+" on the bottom toolbar.
  • On your Android phone: Download Tradesy's Android app. After opening it, select the "tag" icon on the top toolbar.

Here, you'll be prompted to choose your item's category, and then add at least 3 photos. Learn about adding photos here.

You'll then tell us more about your item, from condition to sizing and more. Learn about how to accurately describe your item here.


Set your price, choose how to ship, and review earnings

You set the price for each item you list. Learn more about how to price your item here.

You'll also pre select one of three convenient ways to ship when the item sells. Learn about your shipping options here.

During the listing process, we'll show you what the buyer pays at checkout, which is your item's price plus your chosen shipping method. We'll also calculate your earnings: we deduct Tradesy's Commission and Safe Transfer Fee for you, so you can review the details to make sure you're happy with the final amount - before your item sells.


Learn about Tradesy's fees and how your earnings are calculated.

When you complete your listing, your item will be live on Tradesy immediately.


Make a sale and get paid

We'll let you know when someone purchases your item! In fact, Tradesy will alert you about all order updates and new messages - so be sure you've provided us a valid email address you regularly check or your phone number to receive texts, so you don't miss a thing.

When your item sells, you'll confirm the sale right away and then ship promptly to the buyer. Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction. 

You can then transfer funds to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account. Or, you can use as cash on Tradesy towards a new fabulous find. 


Returns are covered

Tradesy handles all returns so that sellers don't have to. Buyers can request a return on most items, and they'll mail the item to Tradesy HQ. Once the returned item is reviewed by our team it will be sent back to you free of charge. 


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