How do I sell? Last updated Apr 16, 2018

Tradesy is a buy-and-sell marketplace for fashion, built by and for women. Millions of stylish members use Tradesy to buy and sell pre-owned bags, shoes, clothing, and more from top designers. You can sell straight from your closet and post unlimited listings quickly using the website, iOS, or Android apps. When you create a listing, you'll be prompted to set your price, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown with all fees deducted before you publish. When the item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer, and your earnings will be available after delivery to use as cash on the site - or to transfer into your bank account.

1. List An Item

To start, create a listing. You’ll be prompted to upload photos, provide detailed information about your item, set your price, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown. Read here for more listing help.

2. Make A Sale

When a buyer purchases your item, we’ll notify you via email, push notification, and/or text. Set your notification settings here

3. Ship Your Item

When your item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer based on the shipping method you pre selected when you created your listing. The faster you ship, the faster you'll get paid.

4. Get Paid

Once tracking on your package updates, pending earnings will appear on your Manage Payouts page. You'll earn more than 80% of your selling price on most items, while Tradesy keeps a 19.8% commission. Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction.

You can transfer to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account once your funds are available. Or, to save the 2.9% transfer fee, you can easily use your earnings to purchase a new fabulous find on Tradesy.

5. Returns Are Covered

Tradesy handles all returns so that sellers don't have to. Buyers can request a return on most items, and they'll mail to Tradesy HQ. Even if the item is returned to Tradesy, you'll earn cash for your sale if your listing is honest and accurate. Learn more about our return policy.

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