Can I return my purchase to be authenticated? Last updated Jul 21, 2017

To have your purchase authenticated, request a return and note that you're unsure of authenticity for the return reason. We'll have our Brands Team review the item once it arrives!

You can always have your item authenticated in person by our Brands Team. At Tradesy, we allow returns to be requested within 4 days of the date of delivery, including concerns of authenticity.

If you are within this time frame and would like to request a return, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account and head to your Purchases page.
  2. If your item is eligible, the "Request Return" button will be available.
  3. Let us know the primary reason for the return: concern of authenticity. We'll give you further options, so you can give us all of the details.
  4. Hit submit and print out your label. Be sure to package your item carefully (so it arrives at Tradesy in the same condition you received it), and then send it our way.

You have 10 days from receiving the item to get it back to Tradesy HQ. When we receive your authenticity request, it will be processed in one of two ways:

  • If your item is determined authentic, you'll be offered the item back or the full amount in site credit to buy something else on Tradesy.
  • If your item is determined to be replica, you'll get a full refund to your original payment source.

If you'd like to know when your return will be processed, check out our Returns Timeline on our Returns Policy.

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