How can I sell my items faster? Last updated Jul 13, 2018

While there is no way to know when an item will sell, putting up high quality photos and a clear description will help your item sell faster. During the listing process, we recommend a price based on the information you provide. Price your item to sell. Share your listings and closet on social media to gain momentum as a seller. Gain more exposure by opting in to Tradesy Sales and Promotions in your closet settings.

Here are some tips we’d suggest to catch the eye of potential buyers:

  • Photos
    We give you 12 image slots to give your buyers a chance to see the item from every angle. We recommend natural lighting on a white, solid backdrop to show off your item to its best advantage.

  • Description
    Write a thorough description capturing the full essence of your item. Include the item's condition, measurements, color, size, material, and any wear or tear or damage. Notate where you bought (or received) the item and how long you have owned it. Give tips for styling if you want! 

  • Price
    Price your item to sell. Do a quick search using the bar at the top of Tradesy (or on Google) to see if there are any similar listings at a lower price and adjust accordingly. When you create or edit your listing on a desktop computer, we recommend a price based on the information you provide (designer, retail price, condition, etc.)

    Take the retail price into consideration. Buyers want great deals! The more wear your item has, the lower your asking price should be. If the item is one of a kind, or a rare brand or style, you should raise the price. If your item is out of season, we suggest lowering your price.

  • Share
    Share your listing through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get your listing attention.

  • Seasonality 
    If you want to get your items moving, you may need to reduce the price for items out of season. For instance, boots and more likely to sell during Fall than sandals. You can lower the price of an item by editing the listing.

  • Tradesy Sales and Promotions
    Tradesy Sales and Promotions are limited-time events that attract millions of buyers in search of great deals. Participating in these events can help your listings sell faster by gaining more exposure to buyers.

    Enabling Tradesy Sales and Promotions gives us permission to lower the price of any item in your closet when a relevant event occurs and/or allows us to send buyers a one-time use promo code for your item(s) if they qualify. During sale and promotion events events, featured items are promoted via email, push notifications, and more. Learn more.
  • Personalize your closet
    Add a cover photo, description, profile picture, and description in your Closet Settings.

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