How do I price my item? Last updated Mar 19, 2020

You can sell straight from your closet and post unlimited listings quickly using the website, iOS, or Android apps. When you create a listing, you'll be prompted to add details, choose your preferred shipping method, and review your earnings breakdown with all fees deducted before you publish. We'll give you a pricing suggestion when you create your listing, but you set your own price. When the item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer, and your earnings will be available after delivery to use as cash on the site - or to transfer into your bank account.


Get started

Log in to Tradesy or create a new account, if you haven't already. To begin selling, create a listing on a web browser, iOS app, or Android app. From here, you can find a similar listing already on Tradesy to copy - which will help you get an idea for where to start with pricing. Or, you can go straight to the form and list manually. After that, you'll add photos and do your best to describe the item, including its size and if there are any signs of wear. 


Set your price

Once you get to the Pricing section, you can add the original Retail Price to the listing, but if you're unsure of the original cost, answering this question is optional.

Next, you'll see a suggested Selling Price based on other details you've shared in your listing so far. (You can skip this section on the app if you haven't finished the other sections yet, and then you can return to answer this later). 

Still not sure? Search for your own item - or something similar - on Tradesy. Try typing in a keyword and then narrow down search results by Designer and Condition. You also can focus your search on only Sold Out items to get a sense of what buyers recently paid on Tradesy.

Note: As a seller on Tradesy, you are expected to be a responsible member of our community by being helpful and respectful to buyers while they're making purchase decisions. If you list the original Retail Price significantly higher than the MSRP, or if you price your item significantly higher than its current market value, Tradesy may remove your listing.


View your earnings and publish

After you're done setting your price, we'll prompt you to pre select how you'd like to ship your item when it sells. Choose which method works best for you.

Next, you see your EARNINGS BREAKDOWN. Based on your Selling Price and shipping method, Tradesy calculates your earnings for you, so you know before the item sells what the exact amount you'll deposit into your bank account if you transfer earnings from the sale

If you're not quite done, you can save your listing as a draft to finish later. If you've answered each question and everything looks good, select Publish Listing. Your item will be live on Tradesy immediately and can be found by a variety of searches.

Pro Tip: One way to sell your items faster is to opt into Tradesy Sales and Promotions


When your item sells

Tradesy will let you know when you have a sale! Be sure you've provided a valid email address you regularly check or your phone number to receive texts, so you don't miss a thing.

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