How can I send and receive messages on Tradesy? Last updated Jan 11, 2019

You can easily communicate with anyone on Tradesy without sharing your personal contact information. Sending a message on Tradesy starts a conversation thread, much like email: we'll notify the other person so they can log in to their Tradesy account to read and respond to you. Read on to learn how.


Whether you're a seller, buyer, or just browsing the site, anyone can contact other Tradesy users to chat about an item or an order. To get started, log in or create a Tradesy account if you haven't already.


Ask a question before you buy

If something amazing has caught your eye, but the description is too brief or you'd like to see more photos, ask a question! Sellers can edit and add to their own listing any time before the item sells, so you're welcome to reach out to get the information you need to help you make an informed decision. Learn how to contact the seller directly on a browser or the app.


Send - or request - an order update

Once you've checked out, Tradesy will email you all order and shipping updates so you can keep track of your purchase. Click to learn what happens after you place an order. You'll also be able to check for updates on your Purchases page, and from here you can keep in touch with the Seller. Learn more.

If you're the Seller, you can contact the buyer directly from your Sales page on a web browser or on the app. Click here to learn more about communicating with a buyer


Note: For everyone's safety, all messages are monitored. Learn more here.


Respond to an unread message

We'll email you when you've received a new message, so check that your email address is up-to-date. Next time you log in to Tradesy, head to your inbox:

  • On a browser: Click the envelope icon at the top. 
  • On the iOS app: Select Me on the bottom toolbar and then Inbox from the next menu.
  • On the Android app: Select the Message Bubble in the top toolbar (2nd icon from the right).

You'll see a number by the Inbox to indicate how many unread messages you have. Be sure to reply to each person if you have more than one. We recommend taking no longer than 24-48 hours (at most) to respond. To help, try downloading our free iOS app or Android app so you can communicate from your phone.


Note for Sellers: You can also receive messages from potential buyers who can send questions directly from your listings - so don't forget to monitor your Inbox to respond quickly and avoid missing out on sales!


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