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Fee Policy

Sales Commission

Tradesy's commission is simple so you can spend more time focusing on sales and less time figuring out your earnings. You pay a flat commission fee of $7.50 for sold items less than $50. On sold items $50 or more, you pay a commission of 19.8%. It is free to sign up, and free to list items for sale, commission is only charged when items are sold. The commission amount is deducted from the selling price at the time that earnings are released. For information about payment processing, see Tradesy's Secure Checkout Terms of Use.

Transfer Fees

When you withdraw your earnings from Tradesy to any payout option, you will pay 2.9% of the total transfer amount. This Safe Transfer Fee covers payment processing fees we paid on your behalf when your item(s) sold. If you decide to spend your balance on Tradesy, you'll never pay these fees on your earnings.

Shipping Fees

A shipping fee will be added to the sale price of each item listed on Tradesy. The shipping fee, plus the selling price, as assigned by the seller, determine the price paid by the buyer. The shipping fee varies and represents an estimated partial cost of shipping. Tradesy retains the shipping fee and uses it to supplement the cost of providing pre-paid, insured Tradesy packaging and shipping kits to sellers. All sales commissions and processing fees are based on the sale price, not the display price.

Currency Conversion

All fees on Tradesy are in U.S. dollars.

Updated: October 10, 2017