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Céline Satchels

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Céline Satchel

Céline Satchel

$2,019.65 $3,900.00

12"L x 12"W x 7"H

Céline Satchel in nude

Céline Monogrammed Buckle Nude Leather Satchel

$230.50 $1,095.00

16"L x 6"W x 7"H

Céline Leather Buckle Suede Satchel in Black

Céline Buckle Black Leather Satchel

$764.85 $1,350.00

16.9"L x 3.9"W x 9.8"H

Céline Micro Luggage Leather Satchel in Vanilla

Céline Luggage Tri-color Micro Vanilla Leather/Suede Satchel

$3,110.50 $3,600.00

10.5"L x 5.5"W x 10.5"H

On Sale
Céline Mini Belt Coqueliquot Satchel in Red

Céline Belt Mini Red Calfskin Leather Satchel

$1,806.75 $2,500.00

11"L x 6.75"W x 9"H

Céline Satchel in Brown

Céline Tassel Brown Leather & Fabric Satchel

$475.45 $1,200.00

16.54"L x 5.71"W x 11.81"H

Céline Satchel in White

Céline Edge White Calfskin Satchel

$1,620.00 $2,900.00

15"L x 10"W x 11"H

Céline Luggage Micro Calfskin Leather Grey Satchel in Dune

Céline Luggage Mirco Dune Drummed Calfskin Satchel

$2,500.00 $3,200.00

10"L x 6"W x 10"H

Céline Satchel in black

Céline Trapeze Small Black Leather Satchel

$1,641.49 $2,750.00

10"L x 6"W x 8"H

Céline Leather Coated Canvas Satchel in Brown

Céline Boston Macadam Brown Coated Canvas Satchel

$760.95 $1,350.00

10.03"L x 5.11"W x 6.69"H

Céline Coated Canvas Leather Satchel in Brown

Céline Macadam And Leather Brown Coated Canvas Satchel

$626.92 $1,100.00

11.41"L x 3.93"W x 4.13"H

Céline Satchel in Blue

Céline Luggage Mini Blue Suede/Leather Satchel

$1,010.50 $3,500.00

10.25"L x 5.25"W x 10.25"H

Céline Satchel in gray

Céline Tie 2 Tone Gray Suede Leather Satchel

$1,433.47 $4,100.00

15.5"L x 9"W x 10.75"H

On Sale
Céline Satchel in Black

Céline Luggage Cabas Phantom Tote Black Satchel

$1,554.50 $3,500.00

11.5"L x 9"W x 10.5"H

Céline Satchel in beige

Céline Cabas Phantom Beige Leather Satchel

$1,260.50 $3,800.00

11.8"L x 9.4"W x 10.2"H

Céline Silver Hardware Logo Satchel in Brown

Céline Boogie Brown Leather Satchel

$425.00 $1,650.00

12.5"L x 5.25"W x 7.5"H

Céline Leather Satchel in Navy

Céline Luggage Mini Navy Smooth Calfskin Satchel

$2,935.00 $3,400.00

12"L x 7"W x 12"H

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