Your Wedding Dress: Making It More

Thanks to two very talented housewives and moms who have a passion for beautiful creations, you can keep the memory of your wedding day alive always! How you may ask? By creating something special out of the most amazing dress you will ever wear in your life! <!–more–>

Their company, Making it More was created a year ago when these moms put their creative skills to work, turning wedding dresses into almost anything a bride could desire! Each piece they make is custom made and they work with brides to design things like adult bedding, baby bedding, pillows, christening gowns, blankets and more.

They are always challenging themselves to create cherished and unique items out of wedding dresses and their love for this shows through their work. Enjoy some of their latest creations below!


This beautiful gown was repurposed into a baby cradle with matching pillows.


This gown was turned into a bedding set. They also created a large pillow using the entire skirt of the dress, made a throw blanket out of the train, and framed the gown’s bodice to hang over the couple’s bed.


To see all of the lovely things you can do with your wedding dress, check out Making It More >>

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  1. This is amazing. When I married my husband I wore the Victorian wedding dress my mother and grandmother wore (a little outdated but tradition). Now the dress is just sitting in my closet with no hope of being worn again. I will have to look into Making it More to see if they can turn the dress into three special items, this way each one of us who wore the dress can keep a piece of it. That would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift for them next year. Thanks Tracy for opening my eyes to them and potentially giving me a great Mother’s Day option.

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