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Cartier Replica Watches has a tradition of standing on its own when it comes to its watch collections and cartier replica watches marketing and communication activities. The brand does very little in the way of sponsorship and events compared with its peers, who are active in most major sports disciplines. As far as communication is concerned, the product is the only star and should speak for itself (see our interview today with Arnaud Carrez, Cartier's International Marketing and Communication Director). The one exception to this rule is the brand's involvement in the Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz, which dates back over 30 years to the very origins of this unique tournament, where the matches are held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Cartier sponsors one of the four teams that compete in the tournament every year, which brings together the world's best polo players. WorldTempus attended this year's event and discovered a different, but highly successful, means of communication. It is a chance for the brand to show its customers the latest watches presented at the SIHH just one week cartier replica watches after the show finishes. Clients from all over the world who flock to St. Moritz for the winter season were among the first to see the new watches in the Cartier store at the iconic Badrutt's Palace hotel. As an added bonus, they also had the chance to soak Replica Watches up the atmosphere of polo on snow, witnessing some excellent matches and the culmination of the tournament in a thrilling final between Team Cartier and Team Maserati, with the latter winning the title just as the snow started falling to bring an end to an otherwise sunny weekend. For your editor-in-chief, who knew nothing about polo and very little about the equestrian world, it was a chance to discover this sport of gentlemen, where the players can be at the peak of their concentration during the match (with their adrenalin levels, and therefore their emotions, too, correspondingly high) but partying hard together with the St. Moritz jet-set later the same evening. It is only when you are standing right next to the Replica Watches snow-covered field that you fully appreciate the harmony between the player and their steed. It takes at least three years to train a polo pony and players need at least two for each match, since they must change after every chukka. While the players and their horses are the stars on the field, a hard-working team of staff behind the scenes helps to look after the horses, ferrying them to and from the stables, bandaging their legs, plaiting their tails and ensuring that they are in optimal shape for each match. Parallels can easily be drawn with the huge number of people involved in developing, producing and marketing Cartier's fine timepieces. Hugh can be regarded as the men Goddess in the hearts of many fans. Even now he has studied in UK, people are still paying attention his life. For me, he is also the model of collation. The copy watches with self-winding movements he wore are all popular at last. It is not strange for him to bring up the developments of a brand. Then the choice of him becomes very important because many fans will follow his steps. As the facts prove, it will not be wrong to choose what he likes. Taking exquisite Piaget Black-Tie Gouverneur replica watches for example, the excellent performance and outstanding appearance design attract Hugh deeply. The rose golden cases Piaget fake watches match very with the orange suits which can present his warm and gentle characters. It can be said a great collation in the activity. If you are men, you can follow his collation to improve your temperament.