Would You Go On A Feeding Tube To Lose Weight For The Wedding?

Tuesday Treat – How Far Would You Go to Lose Weight for the Wedding?


Bride-to-be’s are doing everything from going on feeding tubes to getting injections to lose weight for their wedding. How far would you go?  <!–more–> Let us know what you did/ are doing to lose weight for your wedding?  Are you?  Or are you OK as is?

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  1. This is insane! How vain has our society gotten. What about health? Your wedding isn’t about how you look! Its about celebrating the love you have for each other. I mean sure you want a nice dress and makeup etc. But you should still look like you! I think this is sick! Never. Just go to the gym anyway if you are not happy with your body. For yourself. Your husband should love you anyway!

  2. I actually completely get it! I did a small bit of lipo for my wedding. My stomach never got flat – no matter how much pilates I did. Just how I was built! I was going to do it at some point anyway, but my wedding was the inspiration that made me realize the TIME IS NOW!!!

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