World’s Cheapest Wedding Dress – Win it FREE!

Yue is a dating coach and blogger in New York City. One rainy afternoon, she grabbed a girlfriend and went goofy dress-up shopping at Nordstrom Rack. (What, you’ve never done that?) <!–more–>

After tying on all things sequined, frilled, and frou-frou, Yue found herself slipping into a beautiful, classic wedding dress. It fit like a glove and looked so pretty that she had to know the price, even though she has no immediate plans to get engaged or married.

The Jessica McClintock wedding dress with the 1-cent pricetag!

The Jessica McClintock wedding dress with the 1-cent pricetag!

That’s when she realized that the tag said $0.01. That’s right — 1 penny. Checking in with the store’s staff revealed that the pricetag was an error — but that Nordstrom Rack would honor it because it had been mistakenly placed on the floor.

The shocking pricetag

The shocking pricetag

So Yue bought the dress. And now she’s giving it away to one lucky winner! How’s that for paying it forward?


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on Yue’s blog before 10/1/11, telling her why you want the dress. The winner gets a gorgeous gown, a great story, and one lucky dress to wear down the aisle.

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