Win a Pair of Vintage Map Cufflinks from Tomato-Made


Etsy shop Tomato-Made makes the world’s most adorable custom vintage map artwork, cufflinks, necklaces, and earrings out of any map location worldwide.
I ordered this piece last week as an anniversary gift for my beloved on our anniversary: <!–more–>
My home. Your home. Our home. Three heart custom vintage map print.

My home. Your home. Our home. Three heart custom vintage map print.

How sweet is that?!? But  Tomato-Made isn’t just sharing the love with us, they’re generously sharing it with you, too!
Click here to enter to win these cufflinks -- Just comment on our Facebook page!

Click here to enter to win these cufflinks — Just comment on our Facebook page!

You can win a pair of their famous, fabulous cufflinks, customized for your groom or groomsman with any location you choose!
Pick your location and win customized cufflinks from Tomato-Made!

Pick your location and win customized cufflinks from Tomato-Made!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Go to Recycled Bride’s Facebook page and make sure you “Like” us! (Required to win)
2. Leave a comment on our Wall about what location you’d choose for your cufflinks and why! You can pick the place you’re getting married, your honeymoon destination, the city where you met, etc.
A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, October 6th.
Good luck and thanks to Tomato-Made for this fabulous giveaway!
*Note: Do NOT enter in the comments below!! All entries must be posted on Facebook!
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  1. CORRECTION: I was in the middle of writting it, and my compurter sent it, Anyway where it says “and have been courting for a year in a half, almost two thi.” it should finish, Almost two years this january of 2012!
    Thank you for the oppurtunity to share my beloved Love story. I hope you are encouraged, and blessed, and are reassured the Lord hears our prays, and awnsers them accordingly to his will. so He gets the Glory!( He looks good!)
    Blessings- Emily

  2. Hi there, My name is Emily Michelson and I am engaged to Tim Kelbell. I would love to win these, and choose st. charles, Mo, and Otis, Oregon. because almost 2 years ago, I met my fiancee while i was home all the time while recovering from a severe spine/pelvic injury that has disabled me and thus kept me doing a whole lot of nothing at home at the time, and i met him online through a older gentalmen friend (Doug) who was actually teaching/descipling Tim at the time for the last 2 years at that time, so four years now. via internet. I was friends with Doug and we met on a Jesus- christian website, He became friends with me, and while in our being friendship, He told Tim about me, and my painful situation. He told time that i was home alone all the time in Oregon with chronic pain, and i probabbly just needed a friend or someone to talk to and encourage me, well, Tim thaught about it, and felt the Lord wanted him to just befriend me. at the time neither one of us had any intentions of dating. -you can see why with my situation. Well, one day Doug sent me an email that said,” if a young man names Timothius contacts you he has my blessing.” and i was like “what? whos that?” i had no idea what he had done. and guess what? Tim contacted me eventually, on myspace, and soon after that and a few messages back and fourth and lots of laughs, we decided to chat, and more laughs, and smiles, then make phone calls and Tim would teach me bible studies, and we would laugh so much and by a few weeks our cheeks were perma-stuck smiling! :) our cheeks hurt so bad from all the smiling, we just loved eachother already! from phones we went from there to making little video clips of our selfs while on a walk, or just sitting talking for eachother to watch, and then after a few months of that, we skyped! after two weeks we new we were in it for the long haul! we really loved eachother, We would talk so much about all the Lord has done for us, and all the things Hes shown us in the Word, and where we once where when living in a life of sin and disobeidence, and now we love the Lord, and love to honor his word, and since then, we are best friends, and have been courting for a year in a half, almost two thi. He was able to come visit with me in oregon after is company moved over seas, and then his father said his grandfathers house needed work done on it, and the family sent him to washington. The state above me!!!! That made it so real, and so odvious the Lord was working this all together, He was able to spend two weeks with me and my family, and while he was down he bought a beautiful ring for me and propose while we were down at yaquina bay bridge in newport, oregon while walking the docks one night after a great supper at the Rougue brewey! i had on his camo jacket because is was chilly and while walking he turned in from of me and got on his knees and propese right there in the cool night with no one around but boats rocking on the small waves in the harbor. Since then, we are still going strong through skype and phone calls, He decided to take a job in Fargo building Grain cilios to save up money for our marriage and wedding date. hopefully sometime next year if all goes well with surgery and his work, Im still hear in oregon waiting for my spine surgery. Amazing that a small town girl from Otis, oregon, and a small town boy from St. charles Mo fell in love through a man who thought i needed a friend, but the truth was, we both needed each other, most our time has been 5 hours a day over internet or phone but when were together for real its nothing weird, or strange, its our best friend were looking at, and thanks to the Lord, We met, and get to get marriend! Plus- our family approves, and loves the other person very much so!! :)

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