Whoah! It’s a Rare Chanel Milk Carton Bag

Get your grocery chic with the Lait de Coco

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to come up with this crazy-ass, truly spectacular Chanel bag known as the Lait de Coco (Coco’s Milk) from the 2014 Fall-Winter “supermarket-themed” runway show.

Coco de Lait

The Chanel Lait de Coco Limted Edition Crossbody, $6,420.49

How can you not be floored by this bling’d-out rendition of the common milk carton? With its slinky long double-chain, and shiny lettering that makes you think of can-can dancers? When you wear it, you’ll seem like an eccentric person with a very colorful life, which is what you should be if you’re not already. Not to mention that limited-editions Chanels go up in value, making this a sound investment (right, ladies?) Because Chanel knows how to do crazy, and still manage to look cooler than everybody else. Like the Lait de Coco bag itself…and the woman who wears it.

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