What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Was Too Busy To Help Out or Attend Your Wedding?

Reader Question: Should She Confront Her Best Friend For Ditching On The Big Day? bride-with-maid-of-honor_brad-ross

I was just married this past Sunday to the man of my dreams in my parents’ backyard. It was a very tiny event, mostly just family. My best friend and I have known each other since we were 4 years old. I had given her and two other best friends projects to work on for the wedding to help me out. Two weeks before the wedding, she isn’t answering any of my calls/emails/texts. <!–more–> Then 3 days before the wedding she finally texts me and apologizes for being absorbed in her own world and that she can’t make it to the wedding, she doesn’t even mention the project I tasked her. Let me repeat that: “…she texts me…” While I love her to bits, I feel very disappointed that she couldn’t even pick up the phone to call her best friend, but I understand that everyone gets busy in their own lives. Should I confront her and tell her how she made me feel or just let it go?

Hurt in Houston, TX

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