What Makes a Wedding Dress Eco-Friendly?

The answer may surprise you. Check out my weekly guest blog post on OneWed.com to find out:

As the founder of RecycledBride.com, I’m often asked to help brides find wedding dresses that are sustainable and Earth-friendly.

Jessica Iverson eco couture wedding dress

Jessica Iverson eco couture wedding dress

Many of them expect their options to be limited, and are surprised to learn that wedding dresses made from organic and sustainable fabrics are just the tip of the eco-wedding iceberg. There are lots of ways to choose ethical and responsible wedding attire without sacrificing style. Today I’ll tell you how to turn just about any white dress green by recycling, redesigning, repurposing, sharing, and much more. Read the rest on OneWed.com >

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  1. This dress is absolute stunning. I love the idea of eco couture! I think some people are under the mistaken impression that eco-friendly clothing can’t be glamorous and chic!

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