What Chanel Bag Are You?

Every girl wants a Chanel bag, or at least they should (if they don’t, we’ll happily take it off their hands). While the first image that pops into mind has to be the iconic Chanel Classic Flap bag, there’s so much more to Chanel than this classic staple. Whether it’s the Classic Flap bag, a quirky clutch, a to-die-for vintage, an exclusive runway bag, or a cool new classic – there’s a Chanel for everyone; just as it should be. So in honor of our annual Chanel sale this week, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite Chanel bags and ask, what Chanel bag are you?

The Classic Flap Bag



 Via StreetPeeper

The Chanel Classic Flap bag is, like it’s name would indicate, an unrivaled classic. The Classic Flap and its sister bag, the Chanel 2.55 bag, are defined by simple refinement and the utmost luxury, while somehow remaining endlessly versatile. It’s the everywoman bag, that is, if every woman could throw down five or six thousand dollars for a bag. But it’s still the bag that goes equally as well with jeans and a leather jacket as it does with a cocktail dress bought on one of Paris’ chicest streets. The woman who carries the Classic Flap bag is a girl who loves a timeless piece that will never go out of style, a piece that will work with whatever look she’s feeling that day, whether she’s 25 or 55.

The Lego Clutch


4795-Athens-Streetstyle-Details-Chanel-Lego-Bag-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2014-2015-Street-Style copy

Via Athens Streetsyle

The Chanel Lego Clutch took the fashion scene by storm after debuting on the runway in late 2012. The way every street style star flocked to the bag comically mirrors how children flock to actual legos in a toy store. But trust us, these aren’t anything like the legos of your childhood, unless you played with $10,000 designer legos that is. Yes, you read that right, a ten thousand dollar clutch… made of plastic. The Lego Clutch is a statement bag if there ever was one: its strong geometric shape, shiny plastic, and super bright and bold colors; it all screams “take my picture”. But despite this bag’s very adult price, there is an obvious sense of whimsy around it and it’s carrier. The girl who rocks this bag may have grown out of Barbies and real legos, but her bold inner-child and love of brand new toys still shines through with this colorful clutch.

The Vintage Tassel Bag


willow-and-clay-vegan-shorts copy 2

 Via A Vintage Splendor

There are the girls who go after bags right off the runway and then there are the girls who’s favorite bags have already stood the test of time. Vintage Chanel is embodied by the tassel bag. It’s simple silhouette, sometimes quilted and other times simply baring the Chanel logo, and the added pizazz of it’s leather tassel bring the best of a bygone era forward proving Chanel’s timelessness. It’s got a flair for the past just as much as for the present, just like the woman carrying it. Even better than this bag’s unique yet classic look, is the vintage price. Whoever is rocking this bag sure knows how to do Chanel on a budget. That’s why this bag can so often be seen on the young and trendy set, they may not have as deep as pockets as their elders but they are surely lacking no depth of style, especially with this bag hanging off their shoulder.

The Graffiti Backpack


5906-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Before-Jean-Paul-Gaultier-Haute-Couture-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2014_AKS8965 copy

Via Le 21ème

The Chanel Graffiti Backpack is the latest and greatest creation to cause a widespread stir. After walking the runway in Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 show, this bag began popping up on the backs of everyone from street style stars to the entire Kardashian “klan” (yes, even Kris). The backpack is the latest incarnation of the “high meets low” craze that has been taking over the fashion world as of late. This high meets low idea is what this backpack’s wearer is all about, the phrase “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap” certainly comes to mind when thinking about this stylish girl and her backpack. As much as she may try, sporting ripped denim, grungy flannels, frumpy knits and so on, with an almost $4,000 price tag and Chanel logos plastered across the canvas bag, this backpack can’t hide it’s true origins. It may scream downtown or Brooklyn on the outside but we all know it’s firmly rooted uptown just off Fifth Avenue.

The Boy Bag


Unknown-6 copy

 Via Lovely Pepa

The Chanel Boy Bag, cousin to the Classic Flap bag, is the new classic, almost as if Mr. Lagerfeld imagined what the Chanel bag would be if it was invented in modern times. The bag has a more modern sleek touch with a sort of downtown industrial flair due to its thicker chain and gunmetal tinted hardware. The woman who rocks the Boy bag embodies the spirit Mademoiselle Chanel herself created the now storied brand, gorgeous design with a masculine flair. Yet somehow this bag with century-old inspiration, is clearly not your grandmother’s Chanel. The Boy bag is for the modern woman, there’s no doubt about that, it’s much more suited to go with a leather pant than a sheath dress or a vintage tweed. There of course may be homages to Chanel’s older styles, like the ever-present quilted leather, but the Boy is an undeniably strong departure from its classic cousins, for an undeniably strong woman.


No matter what Chanel bag is your favorite, or most personifies you, let’s just be glad that there’s enough Chanel to go around, because you know if there’s ever a Chanel shortage there will be some actual ashes scattered at Bergdorfs. So whether you’re a Classic Flap or a brand new Boy Bag, embrace your inner-Chanel, signature bag at your side. And maybe stock up on a few more just in case — because let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too much Chanel.

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