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Too busy to blog, so we’re gonna brag instead

Coffee is our friend at Recycled Media HQ these days, as we prepare for the impending launch of our sister site, RecycledTyke.com, and put the finishing touches on some exciting new features that we’re about to unveil, and try to keep up with the explosive growth in Recycled Bride action as wedding season approaches. (Oh hello, caffeine-induced run-on sentence.) <!–more–>

Anyhoo, working around the clock has put a real dent in my blogging time, so here are some other places across the Interwebs where you can get a Recycled Bride fix, plus a sneak peek of our most incredible multi-culti real wedding EVER, which will be featured on this week’s Wedding Porn Wednesday:

EcoStiletto.com named us a Green Bride's Best of 2010 Eco-Wedding Essentials

EcoStiletto named us a Green Bride’s “Best of 2010 Eco-Wedding Essentials”.

I wrote about eco-friendly beer, wine & liquor for your wedding bar for OneWed.com. Boy was that a fun post to research!

I wrote a story for OneWed.com about eco-friendly beer, wine, and  liquor for your wedding bar. It was a tough post to research, but somebody’s got to do the dirty work.


The owner of Name Change Express decided to sell her wedding dress on RecycledBride.com and share her experiences with her readers. Read the full story here.


The Uber-popular Savings.com, a website for savvy bargain-hunting babes, also featured a story about all the great deals you can find on Recycled Bride.

And finally, brace yourself for a glimpse of our biggest Wedding Porn Wednesday ever! This couple who had two multicultural, extravagantly beautiful weddings that were shot by our friend Laura from Beautiful Day Photography. I can’t wait to share the amazing photos with you this Wednesday, but here’s a sneak peek to hold you over until then:


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