Weekend in Vegas Part Deux: Human Nature!

The best show in Vegas. And maybe the whole wide world.

After mom and I enjoyed another fun day of sun and great food in Vegas (read about Day 1), we were ready for a night on the town. Some friends had gifted us VIP tickets to see Australian singing group Human Nature perform Motown songs (thank you M, A & B!). I thought it would be great fun for my mom, since she’s a huge Motown fan and loves to sing herself. As for me, I figured I’d just sort of sit there and let her enjoy “her music”. <!–more–>


Ninety minutes of dancing, whooping, cheering, singing, laughing, and yes, crying later, I was happily proven wrong wrong wrong. There are absolutely no words to express the enormous talent of Human Nature, and indescribable joy of watching them perform. No matter how old or young you are, even if you think you don’t like Motown, or you’re too cool for old-school song and dance stuff, you will be swiftly convinced otherwise as soon as HN hits the stage. If you’re not singing and clapping halfway through the first song, you must be dead. They’re that good.


Human Nature is really famous in their native Australia, and they were happily performing there and racking up singing awards when Smokey Robinson heard them perform his famous song “Oooh Baby Baby” (they’re singing it above, in an a capella performance that brought me to tears, and brought the crowd to its feet).  Smokey was so amazed that these four white Australian boys could sing soul songs like they do that he brought them to Vegas and put this show together. Now HN are being hailed as the best singers in Vegas. I think they can beat that and earn the same praise in any city. I grew up going to Broadway shows in New York with my mom all the time, and we both agreed that these guys were some of the best singers we’d ever heard in our lives.


Mom and I felt sooo lucky, because we were seated in this gorgeous booth in the Human Nature Theater at the Imperial Palace. We were front and center, and got to see every move and every moment from a super closeup vantage point. Part of what makes the show such fun is that the HN guys work their butts off to entertain the crowd, and you can feel how deeply and earnestly they care about delivering a great performance. They do it all while wearing three-piece suits, too. From where we sat, we could see the boys sweating through every single song.


And mom and I were sweating too! After the first song, we were on our feet dancing (or seated and chair-dancing) for the whole show. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces as the guys tore through an incredible variety of Motown classics like Stop in the Name of Love, Heard It Through the Grapevine, and many more. The raucous party atmosphere only quieted when the boys sang People Get Ready, a beautiful gospel-soul song that dates back to the civil rights movement. The way they performed that song’s harmonies was so mesmerizing, you could have heard a pin drop in a theater filled with hundreds of fans.


I actually couldn’t believe that four voices could create such a beautiful sound, and then a singer friend clued me in about something called ringing chords, or the fifth voice. Apparently, when four singers achieve perfect, exquisite harmony, the way that the Human Nature boys do, an overtone that sounds like a fifth voice emerges. People have credited this fifth voice with having spiritual, rapturous powers.


But enough of me gushing — words could never describe the experience of seeing HN live and in person. And neither can a video, but this one below kinda sorta comes close. Be sure to watch until the end to catch a moment of the show-stopping climax “Oooh Baby Baby”. That song will break your heart into a million beautiful pieces when you hear it live.

If you’re planning to be in Vegas for a bachelorette party, a vacation, a honeymoon, or for any darned reason at all, you cannot miss this show. It is the absolute best good clean fun I’ve ever had in my life. Anthony Cools might know how to hypnotize people, but Human Nature can put you under a spell too, using pure heart, soul, and talent. And they won’t make you wear your panties on your head.

Get tickets for Human Nature here.

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