Wedding Trend: Burlap


With over 2 million weddings in the US every year, it can get tricky to find a way to make your big day special. At Tradesy Weddings, we not only want to help make your wedding dream fit your budget, but we also want to inspire you to show your personality through the details of your wedding. With this in mind, every week, we will be showcasing a variety of trends and ideas, all of which can be found in items on our site. We hope these posts can help you find a way to make your wedding day uniquely your own!

While typically linked to cowboys and farmers, this week’s focus is on something that has recently been making its mark on the wedding scene- burlap! More and more, brides have been ditching their classic, white silk in exchange for burlap’s rustic chic look.


Burlap can be used in several ways, from the ceremony to the reception. Draping burlap sashes on the backs of chairs, using burlap-covered wooden table numbers, hanging burlap bunting throughout your venue, and using candles and mason jars wrapped in burlap as centerpieces are all ways to incorporate this cool look into your wedding. You can also have a burlap guest book, a burlap-lined ring bearer pillow, and burlap-wrapped flower bouquets to add to this rustic feel. Want to keep it simple? Use burlap by itself as an aisle runner, tableclothtable overlay, or table runner. No matter how you spin it, burlap is a versatile material that will definitely add some charm to your wedding.

Do you know anyone that has used burlap in their wedding decor? Let us know what you think of this trend in a comment below. Or if you used the trend in your own wedding and would like to have it featured, email!


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