Wedding Trend Alert: Why Winter Weddings Rock

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So, you’re planning your wedding (yay!) and you’re thinking about having it during the winter. From December through February, it’s a very magical time, with all the white, driven snow, and happiness the holidays tend to bring. What better way to celebrate the season than a winter themed wedding?  Keep in mind there is a very fine line between tacky and chic, and we’re here to help show you why having wintery ceremony may be the smartest decision you’ve made so far!

Having a winter wedding opens up a lot more choices when it comes to setting the date for the big day.  Have your heart set on a particular venue?  Want an excellent photographer to record your day?  So does every other couple.  By picking a date between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably be able to snag that highly coveted venue and/or vendor you’ve been dreaming of because they’re not bombarded with other events…it’s a win-win!
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Are you a bride on a budget?  I’ll have you know, winter is the least expensive time of the year to have a wedding.  And because it’s such a slow season for wedding vendors, many of them offer discounts or are willing to negotiate prices. You can save a lot of cash once you add up your savings on a DJ, florist, bakery, dress shop, etc.  You can then either pocket those savings, or re-invest them into other wedding items, like decor, apparel, and accessories. Spend less, get more…

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You no longer have to be afraid of carrying such a thick and heavy wedding dress around on a hot summers day.  Explore beautiful fabrics, play with longer lengths, consider beautiful lace sleeves.  You can also stay cozy and fashionably warm with fur ear muffs and hand warmers or accessorize you and your bridesmaids’ dresses with a chic stole, shrug, or wrap.
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Be creative! Just because you get married in the winter doesn’t mean you need to have a predicatable ‘theme’ filled with snowflakes, snowman cake toppers, Christmas ornaments and wreaths.  Depending on the tone you are trying to set, wedding decor can go in many directions.  Are you going for a woodsy type feel? Or maybe you want a fairy tale, sparkly white, wedding setting? Either way, there are plenty of wedding decor options that will make your event original and unique.
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Flowers last longer in the colder weather, looking crisp, and clean during the winter months because they have not struggled in hot temperatures or over heated delivery vans.  Which means your floral arrangements and bouquet will maintain its form and freshness throughout your big day.
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Light up the room with scented and regular candles so that the aroma is subtle and not overwhelming. Guests will remember how wonderful the room smelled when they walked in and it’s a great way to add just a hint of the holidays to your wedding without feeling that your decor needs to be red and green!  Bonus: Guests can use your holiday decor to snap adorable holiday card photos.

5. The Food 
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Winter is all about big flavors, so go for the seasonal favorites!  Cranberries, squashes and root vegetables for example are all available through the winter months. You can also serve comfort food hors d’oeuvres. And remember there are lots of “winter foods” other than the first that come to mind – citrus and other tropical fruits are in their prime, and will provide your guests a break from the winter weather.”  For your cake, you could try blood orange filling and cinnamon buttercream or berries and pistachios.
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For unique wedding photos, just step outdoors! Winter is such a beautiful, romantic, and unique time of year.  From snow dancing down to the the ground and blanketing the landscape, to frost dusted over tree branches, winter offers plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photography.  Slightly overcast skies at sunset make for the best photos.  The beautiful soft colors playing against a pure white canvas make for some absolutely stunning portraits…and it’s free!winter-wedding-ideas7P.S.  If you make the decision to have a winter wedding you have to be good with two main factors.  One, you can’t control the weather so don’t even begin to worry about it.  Two, if you are going to make your bridesmaids stand out in a field for photos, buy them cute winter boots to make it worth it!

Choosing an out-of-season date could mean that people are more likely to be available. The summer months are popular, but potential guests may be going on vacation or have other commitments.  You won’t have to worry about anyone’s summer plans or other weddings on the same day.  And just imagine the unique, winter-themed favors (warm gloves, pinecones, hot chocolate or blankets) you get to give to your guests at the end of the day!
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If you like to be different, then picking a winter date will make it a special day in more ways than one. Because winter weddings are far less common, simply having yours then will give you and your guests a unique and memorable experience. People attend so many weddings throughout their lives, so having wintery nuptials will be something fun and different for everyone involved. Stand out from the crowd of summer weddings and enjoy your winter wonderland!
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