Wedding Ring Hunting with Recycled Robert

Million dollar eco-bling at bargain basement prices

How would you like to go shopping for some of the most beautiful bridal jewelry in the world, get it for a fraction of its real value, and help protect the Earth from harmful industrial diamond and gold mining along the way? Over the next few weeks I’m going to be blogging here every Thursday, showing you how and where to find incredible deals on valuable vintage and antique wedding jewelry. <!–more–>

I’m Robert, but around here they call me Recycled Robert. And it’s not just because I’m the only man on the Recycled Bride team. I’m a vintage and antique jewelry buff, and I get the best deals in the universe on some of the most exquisite jewelry around. For a while, I even considered opening up a consulting business to help grooms find great engagement jewels at a price that matched their budget. So how does a manly man like me get to be a lover of diamonds and gemstones? I grew up around a lot of people in the jewelry business, and I’m a bit of a history buff so I was always interested in antiques of all kinds. But I really discovered my passion for vintage bling and bargains when I was shopping for Tracy’s engagement ring and wedding band. Here then, by way of an introduction, is the story of Tracy’s incredible gently used wedding jewelry


After months of shopping for Tracy’s engagement ring, I thought I’d seen every diamond and sapphire on Earth. Tracy’s requests were simple: She didn’t want a new diamond or new metals, and her ring didn’t have to be made of diamonds at all because she loves yellow sapphires too. I looked at gently used engagement rings from every antique and vintage jewelry dealer both locally and online, but hadn’t found what felt like “the one”. Then one day I stumbled into an old local jewelry store near my parents’ house. “The Ring”, as it is now known, was sitting in a display, waiting for a new owner. It turned out that it was from the 1940s and was being sold on consignment by an elderly lady who had worn it with love for over 50 years. I was able to get the shop owner to lower the price based on the knowledge I’d acquired about the value of diamonds and platinum, and by using some of the incredible bargaining techniques that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. Tracy won’t let me reveal the price I ended up paying for her gorgeous antique 3.6 carat show-stopper, but I can tell you that it was about 1/3 the appraisal value and not nearly as much as anyone who sees the ring would guess.

After finding the most beautiful engagement ring for Tracy, I was excited to search for the perfect wedding band to go with it. The same rules applied: We didn’t want any new metals or gemstones, so I was on the hunt for an antique or preowned ring. Now before Tracy created the greatest marketplace for wedding resale, I was a Craiglist devotee, and that’s where I found Tracy’s wedding band. It was a pricey diamond and platinum eternity band being sold for less than $1,000. The only problem: I found it on Craigslist New York, and we live in California. So I orchestrated a complicated Craigslist caper that sent Tracy’s parents (who live in NY) through three counties to claim the perfect wedding band at the right price.

Are you wondering how to safely buy jewelry like this online or from an antique dealer? Do you have questions or doubts about buying or wearing used wedding rings? That’s where I come in. Tune in here every Thursday for detailed, practical advice and tips about buying vintage and antique jewels. And, of course, you can email me your most burning wedding jewelry questions at Robert {at}

See you next week,


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  1. Wow…Robert was very amazing. How did you change the used jewelry to a new jewelry? Tracy’s ring is very beautiful… Incidentally I was looking for a ring for my sister’s wedding gift.

  2. I love the idea of buying the gently used jewelry instead of buying new. I going to try and get my fiance’ to read your blog as well. Tracy’s ring set is gorgeous.

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