Wedding Pics Recovered From Trash After 45 Years

A couple from Tunkhannock marks their 45th anniversary by finding lost wedding photos


Paul and Marion Caruso were so broke when they got married in 1965 that they couldn’t even afford to have their wedding photos developed by the photographer who took them. “We didn’t have two nickels to rub together,” Mr. Caruso said. So the undeveloped negatives sat for 45 years, mixed with hundreds of thousands of other unmarked, unsorted negatives, in 55 gallon drums in the photographer’s garage.

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When the photographer passed away last year, his son heard about the Caruso’s lost photos and set out to help them find their negatives. He delivered boxes and boxes of negatives for the couple to sort through, searching for their own. When they finally found them, the images were in great condition and the photos that emerged revealed new memories that Paul and Marion thought were long forgotten.

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Read the full (sweet!) story from the Times-Tribune >>

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