Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Last for Years

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Ideally, wedding favors should last long after your wedding occasion is over, but not all of them do. Here are some wedding favor ideas that will give your guests keepsakes that will last for years to come.

When you are shopping for wedding favor ideas or bridal shower favors, it can be very tempting to bypass keepsake-style wedding favors and instead opt for edible favors or items that can be tossed. Many shower favors and wedding favors are disposable or can be used only once before they are tossed. Most of the time, this isn’t a big deal. After all, part of the fun of receiving a wedding favor is using it right away. Guests often enjoy things like edible favors or items that can be used during the actual wedding event.

However, if you have your heart set on giving everyone favors that will last for years to come, we have some wedding favor ideas for you right here.


Engraved Coasters – Coasters are always useful, but they also last a long time, too. They can be used often or they can be kept stored away for sentimental value. However your guests choose to use them at home, one thing is certain—they will last long after your wedding reception. Try having them engraved with special sayings or messages to add more sentimental value.


Personalized Mugs or Wine Glasses – Personalized gifts are actually very easy to find and moderately inexpensive. You can find them on wedding favor websites or if you click here! Similar to coasters, mugs or personalized stemless wine glasses or mugs of any kind are great wedding favor ideas for any bride who wants to give her guests something lasting and memorable. They can be used as display pieces or can serve plenty of practical uses over the years, and adding a personal graphic or message to them makes them even more special. Consider using your favorite love-related phrase, your names, or the date of the wedding and a thank you message.


Customized Picture Frames – Picture frames are also guaranteed to stay around a long time, especially when they are customized. It’s unlikely that anyone other than your guest will find use for a personalized picture frame, so they are stuck with it even if they wanted to toss it for some reason! Choose frames that complement your reception decor or wedding theme. This is one of the many wedding favor ideas that will last for years. has offered an exclusive discount for all Recycled Bride Blog readers. Save 15% off your favors on orders over $69 by using coupon code RBB15.

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