We Rocked Out With Our Frocks Out

The Broke-Ass Bride and Recycled Bride go shopping. Hilarity ensues.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a drizzly Sunday than pillaging a designer resale shop with Dana LaRue, better known as The Broke-Ass Bride, the world’s most awesome authority on budget fabulosity. So yesterday afternoon, that’s exactly what we did. <!–more–>

Dana braved the slick LA freeways to join me at my favorite local consignment spot, Great Labels in Santa Monica, and we set about doing some very official and serious research on preowned fashion for our readers. Okay fine…we went shopping! What with Dana’s love of a bargain and my fetish for all things gently used and recycled, we were like kids unleashed in a candy store. Except we were rowdier.


D began her lucky shopping day by getting some flower power from this adorable sweater. Ain’t she a cutie?


I tried on this stylin’ white trench, and Dana said she’d never speak to me again if I didn’t buy it. Oh, and that I looked like a movie star in it. Sold and sold.


Then Dana had one of those mythical shopping moments, the kind that come along just a few times in a gal’s life. The skies opened up, a ray of sunlight shone through the rain, and the resale gods smiled down upon her from bargain heaven. *Cue chorus of angels singing* She discovered the most magnificent dress ever, the kind of dress that looks like it was designed and fitted just for her, and the number on the price tag wasn’t scary at all. As if that weren’t enough to make us do a happy dance, the owner came along and oh-so-casually mentioned that the dress was actually 50% off the marked down price on the tag!! Oh happy day. But I can’t show it to you, because she’s wearing it to the EcoBeautiful magazine launch party in New York, where it will make its official world debut. 

After that, it was time to move on to the leather miniskirts and sequined tank tops to let loose and get our dress-up on.


This purple Versace dress made me feel more naked than being actually naked. But if I ever get invited to the Playboy mansion, or go yachting with a Greek shipping heir, I know exactly what to wear.


Dana channeled her inner bellydancing hippie chick with this flowy frock, which was a way more confusing garment than this photo would lead you to believe. It sort of had three skirts attached to one dress. But Dana rocked it anyway.


Quick, somebody invite me to a Rocky Horror-themed wedding!


This girl became our shopping buddy. She also walked out of the store with approximately $2 million in Jimmy Choos, Manolos, and other ridiculously luxe designer shoes and boots. She either goes to a lot of fancy parties, or is a zombie who eats expensive shoes.


We *love* doing important blogger research at Great Labels!


Dana’s purchases were rung up by Andrea, the super-sweet proprietor of Great Labels. Andrea cheerfully tolerated our goofy dress-up party, then hooked us up with additional discounts at the register. Could she be any more wonderful?


Spotting these babies on the way out, Dana and I lamented the fact that we’re both too wobbly for towering blue velvet pumps with jewel-encrusted heels. *Sigh*

But there was little to complain about, since we both left with a happy-bag full of great deals. Total haul from our very important fact-finding shopping mission? Two sweaters, one super cool pair of slouchy leather boots, one to-die-for party dress, three cute tops, one white trench coat, and a pretty shawl, all for a few hundred bucks. We also supported a local business and the women who consign there, the stuff we bought didn’t use any new resources or packaging, we saved a bunch of money on high-quality designer clothes, and had an afternoon of girly fun.

If you’re local, don’t miss out on shopping at Great Labels, where you’ll find very gently used designer duds from the closets of Hollywood’s spendiest fashion divas, at discounts you won’t believe. Great Labels is located at 2611 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.


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