Want Your Life to Be Epic?

Give it some python

Nicholas Cage once said that all good stories begin with a snake. Which is why we bring this Chanel python gold metallic tote to your attention.

Chanel tote


If what Mr. Cage said is true (he apparently killed a rattlesnake once with his bare hands), can you imagine what would ensue should you carry this bag around with you all day? The gorgeous, metallic gold has a shine that rivals the Chrysler Building or, well, the sun. And, like the sun, you will draw people into your orbit, where they will be close enough to see your breathtaking serpentine exterior. And that should slay them. Simply put, this is the kind of bag that makes other people stop, drop their jaw, recover and then invite you to their parties.

And that, of course, is when the stories really begin.

The Chanel python gold metallic tote, $3,925


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